Air Conditioning Tips For Landlords

If you’re a landowner, air conditioning can be a major asset. There are multiple options for landlords to add significant value to a property at a low cost with residential air conditioning. This can be a very simple exercise, requiring a relatively low outlay to achieve the best results.

Air conditioning and rented properties

Strangely, many Australian landlords still don’t realize that the old days of the hot or freezing fibro shack or old Brick Veneer unit are long gone. The rental market is really characterized by standards of living, and the buildings without air conditioners really aren’t up to scratch anymore.

The air conditioning is positive for tenants, too, in terms of quality of life. People don’t mind paying a bit extra for a nice place. Air conditioners add definite value for tenants and are seen as value for rent money. Most tenants gravitate to better quality premises, and the air conditioners provide exactly that.

Air Conditioning Tips For Landlords

Value-adding on rental premises

The simple fact is that cooling systems create commercial value for landlords. Air conditioning is a good and best investment for landlords. It’s an important, in fact essential, upgrade for premises without it, as well, and without it, a rental property instantly devalues itself.

In terms of value-adding, air conditioning is a must. There are whole generations of Australians who’ve never lived in a place without it and won’t even consider doing so. For many peoples, especially those with allergies like hay fever, it’s essential to control their allergies. They can not be expected to be live in these places without air conditioning.

Cost vs. returns

Returns on the fully air-conditioned residential properties are much higher in real terms. They pay for themselves by attracting and retaining tenants. Modern air conditioners are really comparatively cheap, for any modern home or unit, and the most expensive systems are paid for by less than half a year’s rent at the absolute most for a house. Air conditioning for units is significantly cheaper.

Air Conditioning Tips For Landlords

The only real price after installation is likely to be for servicing, and that’s not required often. Digital air conditioners are a whole new generation of systems that are far less prone to mechanical issues and generally very durable.

Getting the air conditioner service, you need

Another issue is getting service when you need it. Getting the service you need, when you need it, is easy. A bit of shopping around for the big-name brands is a quick way to find the best services, as well as the best air conditioners. Service is easy to obtain, and there are no real issues in getting prompt service for your tenants.

Suppliers also give a good backup service, warranties on their work, and a clearly laid out set of charges. Top brands, like Panasonic and Mitsubishi air conditioners, are easily serviced locally.

You will find the complete process of getting air conditioning is simple and efficient from the start. The installation will be completed in a few hours in most of the cases, and your rental property will be attracting tenants like a magnet. For the best services visit

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