Amazing Real Estate Business Ideas to Cash in on in 2019!

Real estate offers a host of investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs interested in real estate can tap into a repository of niches and accumulate lasting wealth. Here are some of the best innovative real estate business ideas for entrepreneurs or investors to venture into.

1. Property Development Company

This type of business idea covers all the facade of real estate. Being the founder of your own property development company puts you in charge of purchasing raw lands, building on them, and finally putting them up for sale or rent. While highly innovative and lucrative, this idea is highly capital-intensive, meaning that you would need a gigantic budget for it. A pragmatic approach, perfect coordination, in-depth analysis, and deep market knowledge will see your property development business to success.

Amazing Real Estate Business Ideas to Cash in on in 2019

2. Bird-dogging

Bird-dogging entails locating properties with amazing investment potential. It is different from being a real-estate finder since here you will be dealing with investors and not customers. You scout out properties with significant investment potential for a significant commission from the investors. If you want to nail this business, make sure you have a wide network and stellar real estate connections.

3. Property Cleaning Service

In both rural areas and big cities, property owners hardly have the time or the will to clean their property themselves. So, what can a real estate owner do in this circumstance? The best course of action is to outsource this work to a stellar cleaning company. Property cleaning business is nothing new and believes us, it is here to stay. So, until we invent robots to take care of all our cleaning needs, a property cleaning business seems like a good idea for new players. All you need are the right organizational skills to successfully launch a cleaning company.

4. Starting a Real Estate Investment Club

If you lack the funds to invest in real estate market, why not launch a real estate investment club with a pool of investors, who will accumulate their funds into a real estate investment vehicle and invest in each other or collaborate on projects.

5. Real Estate Courses

Here is another great real estate business idea, especially online since it promises a wider reach. As an expert, you sell your profound expertise and real estate knowledge by fabricating real-estate courses. You can create a course website for this purpose, join a learning platform such as Udemy, or have it organized via your local community. When you put up your courses online, you are not limited to any geographical market or a specific location, nor do you have to restrict yourself on the number of courses you sell. All it takes is to have hands-on experience in your field and some grasp of marketing to help your course reach out to a wider audience.

6. Real Estate Blogging

If you have in-depth knowledge of real estate, you can start a blog to share your expertise. The more traffic you manage to bring in, the more eagerly real estate companies will compete to buy space in your blog to run the advert. You can also glean revenue from page views and advert clicks by running Google Adsense on your blog.

Amazing Real Estate Business Ideas to Cash in on in 2019

7. Landscaping Business

Landscaping has never been more in demand than it is today. This is because of the interest associated with investing in buying lands. All you need is the art of persuasion to convince your clients that you are perfect for the job.

8. Construction Cleaning Company

Anywhere there is a construction site, chaos ensues. If you are saying that they clean up after themselves, those cleaners probably weren’t the same people who were doing the construction work. A lot of Toronto Condos construction companies solicit the services of construction cleaning companies to clean up after them after the construction work incomplete. You need adequate construction site cleaning equipment and manpower to take up after this business idea.

9. Real Estate Portal

This is another innovative business idea that will create quite a buzz. You might be thinking that it is just another crazy business idea that has no frills attached.  But maybe if you look a little deeper you can concoct something that all other real estate platforms overlooked? Moreover, you can create tailored content to target audience from a specific location with low competition.

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